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Free Pattison Canadian International Wager Guide

by Xpressbet

October 12, 2017

Woodbine's Sunday card is a horseplayer’s dream - great races, rewarding promotions and a bettor-friendly wager menu. To help you bet Sunday, our partner, Jeremy Plonk of Horse Player NOW has produced an exclusive Pattison Canadian International Wager Guide. It's FREE to download for Xpressbet customers.

Get the Wager Guide

In addition to the FREE Wager Guide, Xpressbet customers can also Split 1 Million Points Sunday at Woodbine. Hit the Late Pick 4 to win your share.

Plus, Woodbine has gone above and beyond in creating a great wager menu for International Day, including:

  • $250K Guaranteed Late Pick 4
  • $150K Guaranteed Early Pick 4
  • $100K Guaranteed Late Pick 5
  • $50K Guaranteed Early Pick 5

First post at Woodbine is 1:00PM ET - don't miss it!