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2018 Breeders' Cup Pre-Entries Announced

by Xpressbet

October 24, 2018

Pre-Entries for all 14 Breeders' Cup Championship Races have been announced.  A record total of 221 horses were pre-entered, an increase over last year's total, with one fewer race, of 187. 

Fields will be drawn and finalized Monday, October 29. 

Breeders' Cup Classic

Accelerate (J. Sadler)
Axelrod (M. McCarthy)
Catholic Boy (J. Thomas)
City of Light (M. McCarthy) - 1st Preference, Dirt Mile
Discreet Lover (U. St. Lewis)
Lone Sailor (T. Amoss) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile
McKinzie (B. Baffert)
Mendelssohn (A. O'Brien)
Mind Your Biscuits (C. Summers) - 2nd Preference, Sprint
Pavel (D. O'Neill)
Roaring Lion (J. Gosden) - 2nd Preference, Turf
Thunder Snow (IRE) (S. bin Suroor)
West Coast (B. Baffert)
Yoshida (JPN) (W. Mott)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Bravazo (D. Lukas) - 1st Preference, Dirt Mile
Gunnevera (A. Sano)
Seeking the Soul (D. Stewart) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile
Collected (B. Baffert)
Toast of New York (J. Osborne)

Breeders' Cup Turf

Arklow (B. Cox)
Channel Maker (W. Mott)
Crystal Ocean (GB) (M. Stoute)
Enable (GB) (J. Gosden)
Glorious Empire (IRE) (J. Lawrence II)
Hi Happy (ARG) (T. Pletcher)
Hunting Horn (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Magical (IRE) - 2nd Preference, Filly & Mare Turf
Quarteto de Cordas (BRZ) (I. Wilkes)
Roaring Lion (J. Gosden) - 1st Preference, Classic
Robert Bruce (CHI) (C. Brown)
Sadler's Joy (T. Albertrani)
Talismanic (GB) (A. Fabre)
Waldgeist (GB) (A. Fabre)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Liam the Charmer (M. McCarthy)

Breeders' Cup Distaff

Abel Tasman (B. Baffert)
Blue Prize (ARG) (I. Correas)
Champagne Problems (I. Wilkes)
Fuhriously Kissed (A. Quartarolo) - 1st Preference, Filly & Mare Turf
La Force (GER) (P. Gallagher)
Midnight Bisou (S. Asmussen)
Monomoy Girl (B. Cox)
Mopotism (D. O'Neill) - 2nd Preference, Filly & Mare Sprint
Vale Dori (ARG) (B. Baffert)
Verve's Tale (B. Tagg)
Wonder Gadot (M. Casse)
Wow Cat (CHI) (C. Brown)

Breeders' Cup Mile

A Raving Beauty (GB) (C. Brown) - 1st Preference, Filly & Mare Turf
Analyze It (C. Brown)
Catapult (J. Sadler)
Expert Eye (GB) (M. Stoute)
Gustav Klimt (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Happily (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Hunt (IRE) (P. D'Amato)
I Can Fly (GB) (A. O'Brien)
Lightning Spear (GB) (D. Simcock)
Next Shares (R. Baltas)
One Master (GB) (W. Haggas)
Oscar Performance (B. Lynch)
Polydream (IRE) (F. Head)
Sharp Samurai (M. Glatt)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Mustashary (GB) (M. Stoute)
Almanaar (GB) (C. Brown)
Divisidero (K. Rubley)
Clemmie (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Qurbaan (K. McLaughlin)
Great Wide Open (IRE) (C. Murphy)
Hembree (M. Maker) - 1st Preference, Turf Sprint

Breeders' Cup Sprint

Always Sunshine (E. Allard)
Distinctive B (P. Miller)
Firenze Fire (Ja. Servis) - 1st Preference, Dirt Mile
Happy Like a Fool (W. Ward) - 2nd Preference, Filly & Mare Sprint
Imperial Hint (L. Carvajal Jr.)
Limousine Liberal (B. Colebrook) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile
Mind Your Biscuits (C. Summers) - 1st Preference, Classic
Mr. Crow (B. Colebrook)
Promises Fulfilled (D. Romans) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile
Roy H (P. Miller)
Seven Trumpets (D. Romans) - 1st Preference, Dirt Mile
Warrior's Club (D. Lukas) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile
Whitmore (R. Moquett) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile
X Y Jet (J. Navarro)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

B Squared (D. O'Neill) - 1st Preference, Turf Sprint

Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Turf

A Raving Beauty (GB) (C. Brown) - 2nd Preference, Mile
Athena (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Eziyra (IRE) (D. Weld)
Fourstar Crook (C. Brown)
Magic Wand (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Magical (IRE) - 1st Preference, Turf
Mom's On Strike (J. Sharp)
Paved (M. McCarthy)
Princess Yaiza (IRE) (G. Cromwell)
Santa Monica (GB) (C. Brown)
Sistercharlie (IRE) (C. Brown)
Smart Choice (ARG) (T. Pletcher)
Thais (FR) (C. Brown)
Wild Illusion (GB) (C. Appleby)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Fuhriously Kissed (A. Quartarolo) - 2nd Preference, Distaff

Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile

Awesome Slew (M. Casse)
Bravazo (D. Lukas) - 2nd Preference, Classic
Catalina Cruiser (J. Sadler)
City of Light (M. McCarthy) - 2nd Preference, Classic
Firenze Fire (Ja. Servis) - 2nd Preference, Sprint
Giant Expectations (P. Eurton)
Isotherm (P. D'Amato)
Limousine Liberal (B. Colebrook) - 1st Preference, Sprint
Lone Sailor (T. Amoss) - 1st Preference, Classic
Promises Fulfilled (D. Romans) - 1st Preference, Sprint
Seeking the Soul (D. Stewart) - 1st Preference, Classic
Seven Trumpets (D. Romans) - 2nd Preference, Sprint
Warrior's Club (D. Lukas) - 1st Preference, Sprint
Whitmore (R. Moquett) - 1st Preference, Sprint

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Trigger Warning (M. Rone)
Dak Attack (D. Romans)

Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint

Bucchero (T. Glyshaw)
Chanteline (S. Asmussen)
Conquest Tsunami (P. Miller)
Disco Partner (C. Clement)
Havana Grey (GB) (K. Burke)
Hembree (M. Maker) - 2nd Preference, Mile
Lost Treasure (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Rainbow Heir (Ja. Servis)
Richard's Boy (P. Miller)
Ruby Notion (D. Miller)
Stormy Liberal (P. Miller)
Vision Perfect (Ja. Servis)
Will Call (B. Cox)
World of Trouble (Ja. Servis)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Pay Any Price (G. Baxter)
Extravagant Kid (B. Walsh)
Blind Ambition (T. Pletcher)
El Astronaute (IRE) (J. Quinn)
Insta Erma (R. Baltas)
B Squared (D. O'Neill) - 2nd Preference, Sprint

Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Sprint

Anonymity (R. Mandella)
Chalon (A. Delacour)
Dream Tree (B. Baffert)
Finley'sluckycharm (B. Calhoun)
Golden Mischief (B. Cox)
Highway Star (R. Ubillo)
Kirby's Penny (W. Ward)
Marley's Freedom (B. Baffert)
Mia Mischief (S. Asmussen)
Miss Sunset (J. Bonde)
Selcourt (J. Sadler)
Shamrock Rose (M. Casse)
Skye Diamonds (W. Spawr)
Stormy Embrace (K. O'Connell)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Mopotism (D. O'Neill) - 1st Preference, Distaff
Happy Like a Fool (W. Ward) - 1st Preference, Sprint
Dream Pauline (K. McLaughlin)
Bixby Lou (T. Glover)

Breeders' Cup Juvenile

Code of Honor (C. McGaughey III)
Complexity (C. Brown)
Dueling (J. Hollendorfer)
Game Winner (B. Baffert)
Gunmetal Gray (J. Hollendorfer)
Knicks Go (B. Colebrook)
Mind Control (G. Sacco)
Mr. Money (B. Calhoun)
Signalman (K. McPeek)
Standard Deviation (C. Brown)
Tight Ten (S. Asmussen)
Topper T (W. Mott)
Trophy Chaser (J. Avila)
Well Defined (K. O'Connell)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Derby Date (D. Lukas)

Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf

Anthony Van Dyck (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Arthur Kitt (GB) (T. Dascombe)
Broome (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Current (T. Pletcher)
Forty Under (J. Englehart)
Henley's Joy (M. Maker)
King of Speed (J. Bonde)
Line of Duty (IRE) (C. Appleby)
Marie's Diamond (IRE) (M. Johnston)
Opry (T. Pletcher)
Somelikeithotbrown (M. Maker)
The Black Album (FR) (J. Soubagne)
Uncle Benny (Ja. Servis) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
War of Will (M. Casse)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Much Better (B. Baffert)
Louder Than Bombs (D. Fawkes)
Bulletin (T. Pletcher) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
Tracksmith (J. Sharp) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
Order and Law (L. Linder Jr.) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
Flying Scotsman (J. Hollendorfer)
Empire of War (T. Pletcher)
Pico Entry (D. Romans)

Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies

Baby Nina (A. Quartarolo)
Bellafina (S. Callaghan)
Cassies Dreamer (B. Tagg)
Cookie Dough (S. Gold)
Jaywalk (Jo. Servis)
Reflect (K. Desormeaux)
Restless Rider (K. McPeek)
Serengeti Empress (T. Amoss)
Sippican Harbor (G. Contessa)
Splashy Kisses (D. O'Neill)
Vibrance (M. McCarthy) 

Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf

Belle Laura (N. Casse)
Concrete Rose (G. Arnold II)
East (GB) (K. Ryan)
Hermosa (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Just Wonderful (A. O'Brien)
La Pelosa (C. Appleby)
Lily's Candle (FR) (F. Vermeulen)
My Gal Betty (R. Attfield)
Newspaperofrecord (IRE) (C. Brown)
Pakhet (T. Pletcher)
So Perfect (A. O'Brien) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
Summering (T. Proctor)
The Mackem Bullet (IRE) (B. Ellison)
Varenka (G. Motion)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Stellar Agent (J. Abreu) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
Lady Prancealot (IRE) (R. Baltas)
Pivottina (FR) (G. Motion)
Princess Carolina (K. McPeek)
Winning Envelope (C. Block)

Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint

Bulletin (T. Pletcher) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Turf
Its Gonna Hurt (B. Koriner)
Pocket Dynamo (R. Cowell)
Queen of Bermuda (IRE) (W. Haggas)
Sergei Prokofiev (A. O'Brien)
Shang Shang Shang (W. Ward)
So Perfect (A. O'Brien) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Fillies Turf
Soldier's Call (GB) (A. Watson)
Stillwater Cover (W. Ward)
Strike Silver (M. Casse)
Uncle Benny (Ja. Servis) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Turf
Well Done Fox (GB) (R. Hannon)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Chelsea Cloisters (W. Ward)
Moonlight Romance (W. Ward)
Big Drink of Water (L. Rivelli)
Comedy (IRE) (K. Burke)
Van Beethoven (A. O'Brien)
Legends of War (J. Gosden)
Stellar Agent (J. Abreu) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Fillies Turf
Whooping Jay (D. O'Neill)

Mae Never No (IRE) (W. Ward)
Backtohisroots (J. Terranova II)
Never No More (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Tracksmith (J. Sharp)
Dragic (W. Ward)
Order and Law (L. Linder Jr.) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Turf
Sovereign Impact (W. Denzik Jr.)
All About It (G. Weaver)