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2019 Breeders' Cup Pre-Entries Announced

by Xpressbet

October 23, 2019

Pre-Entries for all 14 Breeders' Cup Championship Races have been announced.  188 horses were pre-entered for the two-day event.

Fields will be drawn and finalized Monday, October 28. 

Breeders' Cup Classic

Code of Honor (C. McGaughey III)
Elate (W. Mott) - 2nd Preference, Distaff
Higher Power (J. Sadler)
Math Wizard (S. Joseph Jr. )
McKinzie (B. Baffert)
Mongolian Groom (E. Ganbat)
Owendale (B. Cox)
Seeking the Soul (D. Stewart)
Vino Rosso (T. Pletcher)
War of Will (M. Casse)
Yoshida (JPN) (W. Mott)

Breeders' Cup Turf

Acclimate (P. D'Amato)
Alounak (FR) (W. Hickst)
Anthony Van Dyck (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Arklow (B. Cox)
Bandua (J. Sisterson)
Bricks and Mortar (C. Brown) - 2nd Preference, Mile
Channel Cat (T. Pletcher)
Channel Maker (W. Mott)
Magical (IRE) (A. O'Brien) - 2nd Preference, F&M Turf
Mount Everest (IRE) (A. O'Brien) 
Mrs. Sippy (G. Motion) - 1st Preference, F&M Turf
Old Persian (GB) (C. Appleby)
United (R. Mandella)
Zulu Alpha (M. Maker)

Breeders' Cup Distaff

Blue Prize (ARG) (I. Correas)
Dunbar Road (C. Brown)
Elate (W. Mott) - 1st Preference, Classic
La Force (GER) (P. Gallagher)
Midnight Bisou (S. Asmussen)
Mo See Cal (P. Miller) - 2nd Preference, F&M Sprint
Ollie's Candy (J. Sadler)
Paradise Woods (J. Shirreffs)
Secret Spice (R. Baltas) - 2nd Preference, F&M Sprint
Serengeti Empress (T. Amoss) - 2nd Preference, F&M Sprint
Street Band (L. Jones)
Wow Cat (CHI) (C. Brown)

Breeders' Cup Mile

Bolo (C. Gaines)
Bowies Hero (P. D'Amato)
Bricks and Mortar - 1st Preference, Turf
Circus Maximus (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
El Tormenta (G. Cox)
Got Stormy (J. Casse)
Hey Gaman (GB) (J. Tate)
Iridessa (IRE) (J. O'Brien) - 2nd Preference, F&M Turf
Just Wonderful (A. O'Brien) - 1st Preference, F&M Turf
Line of Duty (IRE) (C. Appleby) 
Lord Glitters (FR) (D. O'Meara)
Space Traveller (GB) (R. Fahey)
True Valour (S. Callaghan)
Uni (GB) (C. Brown)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Suedois (FR) (D. O'Meara)
Trais Fluors (GB) (K. Condon) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile
Lucullan (K. McLaughlin)
Without Parole (GB) (C. Brown)
Caribou Club (T. Proctor)
Next Shares (R. Baltas)
Om (P. Miller) - 1st Preference, Turf Sprint
Snapper Sinclair (S. Asmussen) - 1st Preference, Dirt Mile

Breeders' Cup Sprint

Catalina Cruiser (J. Sadler) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile 
Diamond Oops (P. Biancone) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile
Engage (S. Asmussen)
Firenze Fire (Ja. Servis) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile
Hog Creek Hustle (V. Foley) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile
Imperial Hint (L. Carvajal Jr.)
Landeskog (D. O'Neill)
Matera Sky (H. Mori)
Mitole (S. Asmussen)
Shancelot (J. Navarro)
Whitmore (R. Moquett) - 2nd Preference, Dirt Mile

Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Turf

Billesdon Brook (GB) (R. Hannon)
Catle Lady (IRE) (H. Pantall)
Fanny Logan (IRE) (J. Gosden)
Fleeting (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Iridessa (IRE) (J. O'Brien) - 1st Preference, Mile 
Just Wonderful (A. O'Brien) - 2nd Preference, Mile 
Magical (IRE) (A. O'Brien) - 1st Preference, Turf
Mirth (P. D'Amato)
Mrs. Sippy (G. Motion) - 2nd Prference, Turf
Sistercharlie (IRE) (C. Brown)
Thais (FR) (C. Brown)
Vasilika (D. Ward)
V. Marina (GB) (C. Laffon-Parias)

Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile

BLue Chipper (K. Young Kwan)
Catalina Cruiser (J. Sadler) - 1st Preference, Sprint
Coal Front (T. Pletcher)
Diamond Oops (P. Biancone) - 1st Preference, Sprint
Firenze Fire (Ja. Servis) - 1st Preference, Sprint
Giant Expectations (P. Eurton)
Hog Creek Hustle (V. Foley) - 1st Preference, Sprint
Improbable (B. Baffert)
Mr. Money (B. Calhoun)
Omaha Beach (R. Mandella)
Spun to Run (C. Guerrero)
Whitmore (R. Moquett) - 1st Preference, Sprint

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Snapper Sinclair (S. Asmussen) - 1st Preference, Mile
Trais Fluors (GB) (K. Condon) - 1st Preference, Mile
Ambassadorial (J. Chapple-Hyam)

Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint

Belvoir Bay (GB) (P. Miller)
Eddie Haskell (M. Glatt)
Fairland (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Imprimis (J. Orseno)
Legends of War (D. O'Neill)
Leinster (G. Arnold II)
Om (P. Miller) - 2nd Preference, Mile
Pure Sensation (C. Clement)
So Perfect (A. O'Brien)
Stormy Liberal (P. Miller)
Stubbins (D. O'Neill)
Totally Boss (G. Arnold II)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Final Frontier (T. Albertrani)
Shekky Shebaz (Ja. Servis)
Girls Know Best (E. Kenneally)
Double Touch (J. Sadler)

Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Sprint

Bellafina (S. Callaghan)
Come Dancing (C. Martin)
Covfefe (B. Cox)
Danuska's My Girl (D. Ward)
Dawn the Destroyer (K. McLaughlin)
Heavenhasmynikki (R. Hess Jr.)
Lady Ninja (R. Baltas)
Mo See Cal (P. Miller) - 1st Preference, Distaff
Secret Spice (R. Baltas) - 1st Preference, Distaff
Selcourt (J. Sadler)
Serengeti Empress (T. Amoss) - 1st Preference, Distaff
Spiced Perfection (P. Miller)

Breeders' Cup Juvenile

American Theorem (G. Papaprodromou) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Turf
Anneau d'Or (B. Wright) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Turf
Billy Batts (P. Miller) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Turf
Dennis' Moment (D. Romans)
Eight Rings (B. Baffert)
Full Flat (H. Mori) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
King Neptune (A. O'Brien) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
Maxfield (B. Walsh)
Scabbard (E. Kenneally)
Shoplifted (S. Asmussen)
Storm the Court (P. Eurton)
Wrecking Crew (P. Miller)

Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf

American Theorem (G. Papaprodromou) - 1st Preference, Juvenile
Andesite (B. Cox)
Arizona (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Decorated Invader (C. Clement)
Encoder (J. Sadler) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
Fort Myers (A. O'Brien)
Graceful Kitten (A.M. Sanchez)
Hit the Road (D. Blacker)
Our Country (G. Weaver)
Peace Achieved (M. Casse)
Royal Dornoch (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Structor (C. Brown)
Vitalogy (GB) (B. Walsh)
War Beast (D. O'Neill)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Billy Batts (P. Miller) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile
Gear Jockey (G. Arnold II)
Proven Strategies (M. Casse)
Embolden (M. Stidham) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
Deviant (D. Pish)
New World Tapestry (A. O'Brien)
Anneau d'Or (B. Wright) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile

Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies

Bast (B. Baffert)
British Idiom (B. Cox)
Comical (D. O'Neill)
Donna Veloce (S. Callaghan)
Etoile (A. O'Brien) - 1stPreference, Juvenile Fillies Turf 
K P Dreamin (J. Mullins)
Lazy Daisy (D. O'Neill)
Perfect Alibi (M. Casse)
Two Sixty (M. Casse)
Wicked Whisper (S. Asmussen)

Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf

Abscond (E. Kenneally)
Albigna (IRE) (M.J. Harrington)
Alms (M. Stidham)
Crystalle (J. Kimmel)
Daahyeh (GB) (R. Varian)
Etoile (A. O'Brien) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Fillies
Fair Maiden (E. Harty) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Turf Sprint
Living In The Past (IRE) (K. Burke)
Selflessly (C. Brown)
Shadn (IRE) (A. Balding)
Sharing (G. Motion)
Sweet Melania (T. Pletcher)
Tango (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Walk In Marrakesh (IRE) (I. Correas)

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Precious Moments (IRE) (A. O'Brien)
Croughavouke (IRE) (J. Mullins)
Princesa Caroline (C. Brown)
Unforgetable (IRE) (J. O'Brien)
Applecross (IRE) (R. Baltas)

Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint

A'Ali (IRE) (S. Crisford)
Al Raya (S. Crisford)
Another Miracle (G. Contessa)
Band Practice (IRE) (A. Watson)
Cambria (W. Ward)
Chimney Rock (M. Maker)
Dr Simpson (FR) (T. Dascombe)
Dream Shot (IRE) (J. Tate)
Fair Maiden (E. Harty) - 1st Preference, Juvenile Fillies Turf
Four Wheel Drive (W. Ward)
Kimari (W. Ward)
King Neptune (A. O'Brien) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile

Not Selected - Listed in Order of Preference

Alligator Alley (GB) (J. O'Brien)
Encoder (J. Sadler) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Turf
Miss J McKay (C. Lynch)
Freewheeler (T. Pletcher)
Bulletproof One (P. Miller)
Air Force Jet (GB) (J. O'Brien)
Embolden (M. Stidham) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile Turf
Pistoletto (A. O'Brien)
Jack and Noah (FR) (M. Casse)
Fore Left (D. O'Neill)
Karak (W. Ward)
Leucothea (P. Miller)
Axiomo (M. Yanakov)
Full Flat (H. Mori) - 2nd Preference, Juvenile