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Monday, July 6: $447,361 Assiniboia Downs Mandatory Payout

by Assiniboia Downs Press Release

July 2, 2020

WINNIPEG, July 2, 2020 – The $447,361.22 carryover for the Assiniboia Downs Jackpot Pick 5 pool will be paid out on Monday, July 6. 

“The stage is set now for the mandatory payout event,” said Darren Dunn, CEO.  “Assiniboia Downs has the highest carryover for any pool in North America right now and we are paying it all out on Monday.”

The single winner Jackpot Pick 5 pool has not been won after 18 consecutive racing programs and it is scheduled for a mandatory payout day. A mandatory payout day requires that the entire jackpot and the current day’s pool must be paid out to the winners that day. These events draw substantially more wagering as everyone is trying to win their share of the jackpot bonus. 

“Players have been chasing the jackpot for weeks now and have been eager to claim a share of that carryover,” said Dunn.  “They know the wagering will be huge on that day, which just adds to the excitement.  This will most likely be a record setting day.”

Estimations for the pool size vary widely but it could possibly exceed $1,000,000 for that one pool. 

The Jackpot Pick 5 bet requires the selection of the winners of the last 5 races in the program.  The cost of a ticket is only 20 cents.

Assiniboia Downs racing product is available throughout North America and it is now being broadcast internationally to places such as Australia and Europe.

The Downs also has a Jackpot Hi-5 bet with a carryover now of $63,000. This pool requires the correct selection of the first 5 finishers of the last race of every racing program. 

Racing continues every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday through September 15 at 7:30 pm (Central Time).