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Online Wagering

Your Winning Bet is Just a Click Away

Get started wagering online! At Xpressbet, we offer you everything you need to bet the races online, including:

The Information You Need

Online wagering with Xpressbet means you get it all. What do we mean by ‘all’? Your wagering screen includes:

  • Live Video
  • Race Program
  • Multiple Wagerpads
  • Current Odds
  • Race Replays
  • Account Balance
  • Deposit Options
  • Tracklist

Customizable Wagering Interface

Make your online wagering experience yours! Customize your Settings and Interface so you only see the information and tracks that matter to you.

Multiple Wagerpads

Choose between our three unique Wagerpads:

  • Wagerpad Pro: Created with the everyday horseplayer in mind, Wagerpad Pro makes it easier than ever to place your exotic or multi-race bets. With Wagerpad Pro, players can build their tickets with a single view without having to toggle between finish positions or race legs, with the ability to mix and match until the ideal ticket and ticket price has been created.
  • Wagerpad Classic: Clean and simple, Wagerpad Classic allows players to quickly and easily assemble wagers using the same step-by-step process as one would at the racetrack. The condensed nature of Wagerpad Classic allows it to fit side-by-side with Live Video when playing in Multiview.
  • Wagerpage: The most comprehensive pop-up wagerpad option, Wagerpage combines the step-by-step process of Wagerpad Classic with the exotic ticket-building prowess of Wagerpad Pro. Wagerpage includes a full tracklist, oddsboard, results and the day’s wagering history.