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Santa Anita January 2020 NHC Super Qualifier Handicapping Tournament


  • $1,500 Total Buy-In, split between:
    • $1,000 Live Tournament Bankroll
    • $500 Entry Fee (100% of Entry Fees will be paid out as Prizes)
  • Maximum of two (2) entries per person.
  • You must have an Xpressbet account balance of $1,500 or more to register for this tournament.
  • Online registration begins Monday, December 30, 2019 at, or around, 3:00PM ET.
  • Registration deadline is 3:30PM ET on Saturday, January 4, 2020.
  • You must be an NHC Tour Member prior to the start of the tournament in order to win an NHC Entry.
  • This is an official NHC Tour event and NHC Points will be awarded for this tournament. 

Prize Pool Based on 150 Entries:

  • Ten (10) entries into the 2020 or 2021 NTRA National Horseplayers Championship, featuring a four-night stay at Bally's in Las Vegas and a $500 travel allowance.
  • $25,000 Cash Prize pool to the top five (5) finishers.
  • $500,000 Bonus to the First Place Finisher of the Super Qualifier if he/she wins the NHC.
  • Please See Official Rules for Full Prize Distribution.

Tournament Format

  • Contest races are all live races from Santa Anita Park (Races 1 – 10) and select races from Gulfstream Park (Races 5 – 11) on Saturday, January 4, 2020.
  • To play, you must make $50 Win and $50 place bets ($100 wagered total) on one horse in exactly 10 contest races.
  • You must wager your full bankroll ($1,000) in that format.
  • Players may not wager on more than one (1) horse in any contest race.
  • No additional bets or bet types are permitted.
  • Betting more, or less, than $50 to Win and $50 to Place on a contest race will result in that entry being disqualified from the contest.
  • The entry with the largest total dollar amount of pari-mutuel earnings after the last contest race on Saturday, January 4, 2020 will be declared the winner (pending an official audit).

Santa Anita January 2020 NHC Super Qualifier Official Rules

View Santa Anita January 2020 NHC Super Qualifier Official Rules


PlacePlayerScorePrize Value
1Kenneth McMahan$2,120.00NHC TBD + $14,500
2Darren Yarwood$2,040.00NHC 2020 + $5,800
3John Fisher$1,900.00NHC 2020 + $4,350
4David McCarty$1,875.00NHC TBD + $2,900
5Gary Bain$1,830.00NHC 2020 + $1,450 + $2,500 On-Track Bonus
6Christopher Cupples$1,820.00NHC 2020
7Tom Noone$1,685.00NHC 2021
8Cresencio Dacayanan$1,550.00NHC 2020
9Andrew Asaro$1,510.00NHC TBD
10Jim Meeks$1,430.00NHC 2021
11Alan Hoffman$1,400.00NHC 2021
12Jared Henry$1,340.00NHC TBD

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