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Beat the Host: Week 1 Results, Week 2 Preview

by Johnny D

January 12, 2022


Week 2 of Xpressbet’s $60,000 Beat the Host competition is Saturday and registered players will have an opportunity to compete head-to-head with XBTV and Santa Anita’s Millie Ball. The veteran handicapper and television personality will select 10 races—a combination of Gulfstream and Santa Anita events—in which players are invited to attempt to outwit her. Top the host’s total earnings in those races to qualify for the $15,000 Championship Round.

Simultaneously, players are challenged to out-handicap fellow account holders in a race for $2,000 in weekly prizes--$1k to first, $750 to second and $250 to third. Players are asked to make a single, ‘live’ $5 Win wager on one horse in each of 10 competition races ($50 total) and then are ranked according to total earnings in those races.

Last week Robert Campoli garnered $229.50 in earnings to lead all players and to collect $1,000. Bryan Ingram finished second with a $222.50 total and earned $750. William Kimok was just $3.50 behind in third which was worth an additional $250. Since Beat the Host wagers are ‘live,’ players keep what they win. Cashing a couple of tickets along the way easily can pay for the afternoon’s entertainment.

Beat the Host players also compete season-long in a race toward $22,500 in prizes based on Cumulative Earnings. That’s why it’s best to play each Saturday in January and February to add to your seasonal earnings total. And, by the way, don’t worry if you have an ‘off’ week or two along the way. Turns out the Beat the Host Cumulative Earnings race is a route, not a sprint.

By topping host Jeremy Plonk’s total in Week 1, a slew of players have advanced to Week 2 action, alive in the race toward a $6,500 Sweep the Host Bonus that goes to any player able to whip hosts in all 8 weeks. Those ultimately tied for the honor will divide the prize evenly and, if no one ‘Sweeps’ the hosts, there will be a $4,000 prize awarded to the last player to lose to a host in a weekly competition.

If you’re not already involved, register FREE and play Beat the Host Saturday against Millie Ball and fellow account holders. It’s your chance to qualify for the Championship Round by topping Millie’s total and possibly collecting a share of $2,000 in weekly prizes.

See you Saturday!