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Alternate Selections Available for California Pick-N Bets

by Xpressbet

March 18, 2022

Xpressbet has empowered horseplayers for the first time with the ability to use alternate selections in popular, multi-race bets. Legal currently on California racing only, alternate selections can be used in bets like the pick four, pick five, (Rainbow) pick six and place pick-all. The new service currently is featured exclusively on the desktop version of the Xpressbet Wager Pad Pro interface.

Alternate selections allow a horseplayer to have a potential, hand-picked replacement in the event of scratches that occur after a multi-race bet sequence has begun. Whereas the default process is for a horseplayer to receive the wagering favorite in a multi-race bet involving a scratched selection, players on the Xpressbet desktop Wager Pad Pro will have a significant advantage in making their individual second preference.

If you already use Xpressbet Wager Pad Pro on desktop, you’re all set to begin using alternate selections on California pick-N races. If you don’t, here’s how you easily set up Wager Pad Pro:

Step 1 – Navigate to My Settings

Step 2 – Change Wager Screen to Wagerpad Pro

Step 3 – Update Multiview Settings to show Wagerpad Pro

Step 4 – Build a Pick 4/5/6 ticket on a California racetrack

Step 5 – Select alternates for each leg and submit ticket


Do any other ADWs offer alternate selections?
No, at this time Xpressbet is the only ADW that offers alternate selections on Pick 4/5/6 wagers.

I’m on Xpressbet desktop and don’t see the alternate selections option when placing my bet. What did I miss?
Alternate selections are only part of the Xpressbet Wager Pad Pro. Be sure to change in your settings. (See Steps 1-3 above)

Which tracks can I use alternate selections?
Offered at all California tracks (Santa Anita, Del Mar, Golden Gate, Los Alamitos TB, Los Alamitos QH, Cal Expo, Cal Fairs). Currently California is the only state where it’s legal to accept alternate selections.

Which bets can I use alternate selections?
Offered on all Pick-N bets from Pick 4 and upward (no Pick 3/Double).

How many alternate selections can I make per race?
One. Note, you cannot select a horse already on your ticket as an alternate (i.e. if you have #1 and #2, you cannot make #2 your alternate to get it twice if #1 scratches). You do not have to select an alternate for every leg.

What happens if I don’t select an alternate?
If no alternate is chosen, you will receive the horse that you receive by the governing rules of that wager (generally the post-time favorite).

How do I know my alternate selections have been accepted?
The actual ticket, with alternates for a Pick 4 would look like this "1, 2 (3) / 2, 4 (3) / 7, 8 (1) / 5, 6 (1) where #3 is your alternate in the first two legs and #1 is your alternate in the third and fourth legs.

Can I use alternate selections on Xpressbet Mobile or 1/ST BET?
As of today, this feature is only available on Wagerpad Pro on Xpressbet Desktop.