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1/ST BET AI Picks: $95K Indy Pick 5 Carryover | Thursday, October 12, 2023

by 1/ST BET

October 12, 2023

Thursday’s Horseshoe Indianapolis late pick five has a $95,302 carryover and begins in Race 4 at 3:43 pm ET. The bet has a 50-cent base. To assist your handicapping, here are the top 1/ST BET artificial intelligence win projections for the sequence.

Horseshoe Indianapolis // Race 4
#2 Forwhothebelltoll 19%
#10 Basscoat 13%
#6 Bay Boy Geist 13%
#3 Tour the Moon 13%

Comments: With little separation between the two-three-four contenders, budget players may be forced to single the 5-1 morning line top choice here. The numbers suggest a four-deep play if able.

Horseshoe Indianapolis // Race 5
#4 Signature Call 21%
#3 Barb’s Vortex 16%
#6 Birdsofafeather 11%

Comments: Top pick is a reasonably solid morning line favorite based on the algorithm, though the second choice at 12-1 morning line offers real value and worth including on a two-deep.

Horseshoe Indianapolis // Race 6
#6 Life’s Joy 20%
#11 Beehive 17%
#1 Musical Divia 9%

Comments: Clearly a two-deep play on the numbers with the morning-line favorite a distant third choice. A chance to beat the chalk here with a pair of logicals is appealing.

Horseshoe Indianapolis // Race 7
#4 Channel Z 22%
#10 Presider 8%
#11 Guadalajara 8%

Comments: The most likely single in the sequence based on the artificial intelligence, it’s a 14-point spread between the top pick and the rest. At 5-1 second choice in the morning line, there’s great appeal in the top pick. In a huge field size like this, the general public is not apt to single out of defensiveness, putting bold players on the offensive.

Horseshoe Indianapolis // Race 8
#5 Bourbon Strait 20%
#10 Sand Mountain 17%
#4 Zappinit 15%

Comments: Top trio stands out on numbers and worthy of including all three with a great mix between the morning line favorite as well as 10-1 and 15-1 longshots.