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Sunday, September 23: Hawthorne 30k Guaranteed Late Pick 4 Ticket

by Al Cimaglia

September 23, 2018

Tonight, Hawthorne has an 11-race card featuring consolation races for Illinois bred two and three-year-olds.  The Late 0.50 Pick 4 begins in Race 8, it has a $30,000 guaranteed pool and will be my focus.

The driver with the hottest hands at Hawthorne on Saturday was Kyle Husted with three wins. The top conditioner on the card was Steve Searle with three pictures.

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track.

Race 8

1-Mykonos - Camera shy this year but still a threat to be respected.

5-Shooting Straight - Comes off a nice effort for a win, now Bates takes a seat and that shouldn't hurt.

8-Cool Casper - Longshot worth a swing, can make some noise if Wilfong works a trip.

Race 9

1-Yank's Rendezvous - Not sure what happened in last, but Leonard takes a spin and fits with best effort.

2-Fox Valley Catwalk - Inconsistent but will respect, can take a picture versus these, has managed to pick up 7 wins.

7-Shooting Cool - Program chalk needs a trip, not sold on the price but best to respect. 

Race 10

4-Don't Forget - 3/2 shot looks to be an odds-on winner.

Race 11

1-Star Of Our Show - Gets the post draw that could keep in contention at a solid price.

3-Girls Girls Girl - 1-35 doesn't inspire much confidence but this isn't a group of all-stars and last was much better.

5-Dunne On Time - This gal will be rolling late and is a fighter, if pace is hot can pop at a price.

6-November Rain - On paper the chalk looks to be in the hunt, but I'm not overwhelmed and will shoot against.

8-Ideal Oath - Not a lot of gate speed in this race but this mare has some, she can also finish with an easy lead.

My Ticket

Race 8) 1,5,8

Race 9) 1,2,7

Race 10)

Race 11) 1,3,5,6,8

Total Ticket Cost) $22.50 for $0.50

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