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Friday, January 25: Meadowlands Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

January 25, 2019

Tonight's card at the Big M has 13 races on tap with the feature coming in Race 3, a condition trot with a $16,000 purse. The popular 0.50 Pick 4 begins in Race 8, it is a competitive sequence with a $50,000 guaranteed pool and will be my focus. 

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track. 

Race 8 

2-Starsaboveallerage-Gets an inside starting slot at the right class with a positive driver change, using. 
4-Di Oggi-Qualifier was good after a hiatus but that was 3 weeks ago, if ready will be a player. 
9-Arch Credit-Back down to the level of past success, post makes the price and A. Miller can work a trip. 

Race 9 

5-Eyore Hanover-Was bet last week from the 10-hole when dropped, draws well and fits. 
7-Illinimight-Will toss last on a night with a few breaks, if races back to previous start it could be good enough. 
8-Cant U Spell-3rd start off the bench, driver needs to work a trip but if so, can close fast at a price. 

Race 10 

2-Rock On The Hill-Recent form has been dull but this could be a drop and pop wake-up call. 
3-Urbanite Hanover-In from Fhld and drops to a spot to shine, best to respect and has had Big M success. 
7-In Your Eye-3rd start for Mann, drops, needs live cover but gets some post relief and should be a square price. 
9-Waltzacrossthewire-Looking for a repeat win, post draw makes it more of a challenge but now adds M. Miller. 

Race 11 

1-Iron Dome-Part of entry comes off a break but M. Miller sticks and could grind around for an overdue win. 
4-Sergeant Seelster-Risky because of many X's on the page but if minds manners has the talent to take a picture. 
9-Photo King-In great form and is seeking 2nd straight win from 10-hole, major player and Callahan knows well. 

My Ticket

Race 8) 2,4,9

Race 9) 5,7,8

Race 10) 2,3,7,9

Race 11) 1,4,9 

Total Ticket Cost) $54 for $0.50

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