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Monday, February 4: Pompano Park Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

February 4, 2019

The co-features at Pompano Park this evening roll in Race 7 and Race 8, two Open Handicaps each with a $10,000 purse. My focus will be on the popular 0.50 Pick 4 sequence which begins in Race 6. It will have a $15,000 guaranteed pool and an industry low 12% takeout. 

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track. 

Race 6 

1-Bet The Moon-10-1 in the ML and worth a swing, knows how to win and Santeramo can work a trip. 
3-Thefreedomfightern-Simons trainee is 1st time Lasix and looks like a player, the start will be key. 
5-Panocchio-9-year-old isn't what he was but is good enough to take a picture tonight, could get on the engine. 
9-The Onlyest One-10-year-old has some class, so will respect. Post is an issue as a few others could be leaving. 

Race 7 

4-Carolina Beach-Classy and starts inside of #6, if fires it looks like a trip to the winner's circle is happening. 
6-Wakiki Beach A-Will need best to down #4, likely will be leaving but has been off 13-days. 

Race 8 

3-Freakonomics-Classy mare hasn't raced since 11-24 but tuned up well and Croghan usually sends them out ready. 
5-Tay Tay M-Will toss last but Krueger will need to work a trip. Great starting spot and could pop at big odds. 
7-Western Stepp-Should find a good early seat without having to work very hard, using instead of #8. 

Race 9 

2-Mickey Blu-Looking for a price and an aggressive steer, has a shot in a suspect field. 
4-Royal Engagement-Should like the company and gets post relief. Looks like a player at a square price. 
6-Skyway Hurricane-Comes off an easy win but steps up to a class that has been a challenge. 
7-Always Ya Baby-Claimed on 1-21, now makes 2nd start at same tag as claim, will be bet and I like others more. 

My Ticket

Race 6) 1,3,5,9

Race 7) 4,6

Race 8) 3,5,7

Race 9) 2,4,6,7 

Total Ticket Cost) $48 for $0.50

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