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Saturday, February 9: Cal Expo Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

February 9, 2019

Cal Expo has an 11-race card scheduled with the main event coming in Race 8, the Marvin Shapiro Final with an $8,400 purse. The headliner from a betting standpoint is the 0.20 Pick 4 which also begins in Race 8. That sequence has a $40,000 guaranteed pool with a 16% takeout, and it will be my focus. 

The drivers with the hottest hands last night at Cal Expo were James Kennedy and Lemoyne Svendsen with two wins each. On the 10-race card no trainer had more than one trip to the winner's circle. 

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track. 

Race 8 

1-Swagasaurusrex-Needs a trip and can get one from here, best to respect at this level. 
7-Fly Away-Often close but doesn't seal the deal, using versus this crew. 
8-Imma Tank-Has had excuses, doesn't show a win on an off-track, can score at a square price with a dry strip. 
9-Mortgage My Villa-Should like the company, can grind way around and chances go up with a quick pace. 

Race 9 

5-Scary Harry-Wary of a judges scratch after a break but this guy has won before under a similar set-up. 
7-Mr Varsity-Trip dependent but usually tries hard for Team Plano and best to not overlook. 
8-Justabitcrazy-9-time winner in '18 fits versus this group. Post adds to the price and can pop at a nice odds. 

Race 10 

4-Silent Rescue-Likes to race close to the lead and should have no trouble getting that trip, drops to a level to shine. 
7-Coz And Effect-1st time in the Kennedy barn and they have been hot, plus gets a positive driver change. 
9-Hi Ho's Little Rev-Failed as an odds on favorite but has never won on an off-track. Can make amends at a better price. 

Race 11 

1-Cowboys Dirtyboots-Having a good year and from this spot could trip out to win for the 3rd time in 2019. 
3-Who Dat Love-Form has been dull but looking for a wake-up as now Svendsen is between the pipes for Johnson. 
7-Musician-Not much gate speed inside so Lackey could blast out, price shot can compete at this class with a trip. 

My Ticket

Race 8) 1,7,8,9

Race 9) 5,7,8

Race 10) 4,7,9

Race 11) 1,3,7 

Total Ticket Cost) $21.60 for $0.20

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