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March 5: Pompano Park Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

March 5, 2019

The feature at Pompano Park rolls in Race 6, a condition trot with a $5,500 purse. The 0.50 Pick 4 will be my focus. It begins in Race 5 and has a $15,000 guaranteed pool with a 12% takeout. 

The driver with the hottest hands at the Pomp on Monday night was once again Wally Hennessey, with four wins. Trainer Gaston Lareau led the conditioners with two pictures. 

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track. 

Race 5 

1-Celebrity Stallone-Will toss last break in slop, risky no doubt but has been bet, can beat these if minds manners. 
4-Tourist Attraction-Has been getting better and doesn't need a lot more to break maiden. 
5-Jennifer-6/5 ML chalk is no lock but has been in the hunt, will look to others but not dismiss. 

Race 6 

2-Noble Anthony-Draws well and fits but form has been dull, that said Simons should keep in play from this post. 
5-Mego Moss-3/2 ML chalk makes 4th start at the Pomp for hot barn, get some class relief and Zeron takes a seat. 
6-Miss Flora-Trainer hands lines to Hennessey who chose over #4, may get a trip for 1st win in 2018. 

Race 7 

3-Zyura Bi-This is the 3rd start at PPk and Hennessey drives, bears consideration in a suspect field. 
4-Kashe-Makes 3rd start off the bench for Team Henry, will take a swing 3-year-old can beat older at a square price. 
6-Aquillo-Makes 1st start at PPk, hasn't raced since 9/4 but fits and is Ingraham's choice over 2/3/5, in this if ready. 

Race 8 

1-Raile Workable-Gets needed class relief and is in the hunt if Minor keeps the 7-year-old on stride. 
3-Diamond Dagger-7/5 ML chalk looks the part and also drops, this is a spot to shine and should be bet hard. 

0.50 Pick 4 

Total Bet=$27 

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