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Friday, May 17: Can-Am Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

May 17, 2019

Tonight, the weather should cooperate at Woodbine Mohawk Park, but there is a chance of rain at the Meadowlands. Regardless, the Can-Am Pick 4 should have a strong mutual pool. The sequence begins in Race 10 at Mohawk and finishes at the Big M in Race 11.

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track.


Race 10-Mohawk Park-Leg 1

2-Dragon Lady Art-ML chalk will be bet hard again, using but will look to beat.

5-The Girls of Image-Draws well, may get on engine without using a lot of gas, looks like a threat.

7-Miss Mady-Having a tough year but drops into a spot to shine, could pop at a square price.

9-Shezarealdeal-8-1 in the ML, takes a big drop in 3rd start off the bench, best to not overlook.


Race 10-Meadowlands-Leg 2

2-The Ice Dutchess-Tune-ups without hopples were good, could be ready to fire hot in 3 year-old debut.

4-My Lindy Winner-PcD invader raced well here last week, knows how to win and best to respect.


Race 11-Mohawk Park-Leg 3

3-Roll With Sparky-Moves up after a nice effort, Jamieson takes a seat and draws well, should be in the hunt.

4-Hello Love-Was bet and came up flat in 1st start off the bench, looking for more tonight.

7-Barockey-Should be a nice price, likes to race up-front and could get there without much effort.

8-Watch My Luck-Drops down a few classes and makes 3rd start on Lasix, looks like a player.


Race 11-Meadowlands-Leg 4

3-Whiskersonkittens-Moves up going for 3 in a row, not my favorite set-up but will use again versus this crew.

4-Park In Heaven-Fits well and flew home with a 55.1 last half, can pop at a square price.

7-Traffic Jam-Like to compete, can fly late, misses a start but could be ready for a win at this class, will swing for a price.


My Ticket

Race 10 Mohawk Park) 2,5,7,9

Race 10 Meadowlands) 2,4

Race 11 Mohawk Park) 3,4,7,8

Race 11 Meadowlands) 3,4,7


Total Ticket Cost) $19.20 for $0.20

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