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Sunday, June 9: Hawthorne Late Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

June 9, 2019

Hawthorne Racecourse has a 10-race card scheduled with the feature coming in Race 5, a Fillies and Mares Open with a $12,000 purse. The 0.50 Late Pick 4 begins in Race 7, it has a $20,000 guaranteed pool and will be my focus. 

The driver with the hottest hands on Saturday at the Stickney oval was Casey Leonard with three trips to the winner's circle. No trainer on the card had more than one win. 

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track. 

Race 7 

1-Fox Valley Halsey-Leonard takes a spin, that doesn't hurt and either does the post draw, 9/5 chalk looks the part. 
4-Ideal's Nicole-Will need a big try but this is the 4th start since arriving in town, could bring a top effort. 
8-Lilly Von Shtupp-Not a bad try in last coming off a sick scratch, thinking this effort could be even better. 

Race 8 

3-Winter Gram-Trip dependent but last was better and could get sucked around for 1st win of the year. 
6-Brienne The Beauty-Has had excuses but 3-year-old can contend with best effort. 
10-Fox Valley Lolo-Flew down the stretch in the Violet and fell short, a player from this post with a good start. 

Race 9 

5-Youmakemyheartsing-.56 last half to roll by these last week and an encore could be in the cards. 
8-Mykonos-Knocked-out of action with broken equipment as an odds-on chalk, can take a picture tonight. 

Race 10 

2-Valar Morghulis-9/5 ML chalk drops from stakes competition should be a major player. 
7-Pretty Iris-Steps-up after a sharp win from the 10-hole and will be tough to beat with a similar effort. 
9-Jazzie Babe-7-year-old is still sharp as a tack and will continue to respect chances for a picture. 

My Ticket

Race 7) 1,4,8

Race 8) 3,6,10

Race 9) 5,8

Race 10) 2,7,9 

Total Ticket Cost) $27 for $0.50

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