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Friday, July 19: Can-Am Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

July 19, 2019

It's Can-Am Pick 4 Friday once again. Leg 1 starts the sequence at Woodbine Mohawk Park in Race 10, followed by Leg 2 at the Meadowlands in Race 12. 

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track. 

Race 10-Mohawk Park-Leg 1 

1-Mister Of All-Back to Mohawk and fits, Filion has been hot and he wins at a 25% clip for the Boyd barn. 
8-Highland Dynamite-In good form and could make it 2 straight if Jamieson gets in striking range. 
10-Steuben Hanover-3-year-old started the year in good form, this is a test but will respect and post helps price. 

Race 12-Meadowlands-Leg 2 

1-Marloe Hanover-Could be the value play at 10-1 in the ML for Miller and Norman. 
2-Lady Lou-Tetrick steers tonight and Alagna trainee scored with a .55-2nd half as the odds-on chalk, using. 
5-Caviart Jane-Qualifier was a good one coming off a sick scratch, will respect connections in 1st career start. 
6-Reflect With Me-McCarthy lost last by a neck at even money and can get revenge this evening. 

Race 11-Mohawk Park-Leg 3 

1-The Joy Luck Club-Just missed versus better, McNair is back, and speedy mare could be sitting on a big try. 
3-Sunday Afternoon-Drops and moves inside, might stay on the back of #1 and trip out at a price. 
7-Machnhope-Tossing last and fits better here, could pop at a square price if pace is hot and gets a trip. 
8-Kloof Street-Form has been so-so but has been facing tougher, could take a picture if throws best shot. 

Race 13-Meadowlands-Leg 4 

3-Miss Ruby-1-19 in 2019 but this is a level to get 2nd win and comes back to the Big M where does best work. 
5-Max Volo-Should like the company and is a player versus these plus Tetrick sticks, but breaking issues must stop. 
8-U Need Stones-Program chalk drops into a spot to shine, may blast out and look to wire this field. 

My Ticket

Race 10 Mohawk) 1,8,10

Race 12 Meadowlands) 1,2,5,6

Race 11 Mohawk) 1,3,7,8

Race 13 Meadowlands) 3,5,8 

Total Ticket Cost) $28.80 for $0.20

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