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Monday, December 9: Pompano Park Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

December 9, 2019

The Pompano Park 0.50 Pick 4 starts in Race 5 and will be my focus. The sequence has a $10,000 guaranteed pool and a low 12% takeout.

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track.

Race 5

2-Team Captain (4-1)-This is a spot to shine for the Captain. May go out, get the top and try to control the race and not look back.
3-Fritzie Pic Up Man (7/2)-Form has been flat but at this class and from this post it's probably best to not overlook.
6-Andreios Kardia (7/2)-Seems to need the top and from this spot that could happen. A player if Fern provides a good steer.

Race 6

3-Freak On A Leash (7-1)-Looking for 1st PPk win but can be in the mix from this post and could pop at a nice price.
4-Donegal Jim (9/2)-Knows how to win and fits well at this class. Could be sitting on a big try and will probably be driven aggressively.
6-IRA Chief (7/5)-Not totally sold on this chalk but if Hennessey is allowed to get the top and slow the pace down, chances for a win go up.

Race 7

1-Danza (10-1)-Makes 3rd start for new barn and could get the 2-hole behind #5. Has done well at the Pomp and will use looking for a better Pick 4 payout.
5-Grantor Hanover (1/1)-Winner of 2 straight at this class, will get the top and if no one challenges could make it a 3-peat.

Race 8

4-Hypnotic Racer (7-1)-Raced a good 2nd half from the 9-hole but wasn't rewarded. Plano could work a trip and surprise at a square price.
5-Caroline GR (6-1)-Will toss last from the 7-hole, should be better with this post draw. Form was good in previous 3 races and will look for a rebound tonight.
6-Elm Grove Nellie (10-1)-Makes 4th start for new barn and I'll take a swing here. Leaving both program chalks #2 and #8 off the ticket, last effort was better and Wallis sticks.

My Ticket

Race 5) 2,3,6

Race 6) 3,4,6

Race 7) 1,5

Race 8) 4,5,6

Total Ticket Cost) $27 for $0.50

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