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Saturday, January 18: Can-Am Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

January 18, 2020

The Can-Am 0.20 Pick 4 starts this evening at Mohawk Park in Race 10 and the third leg will roll in Race 11. The second and fourth legs will go at the Big M in Race 10 and 11.

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track.

Leg 1-Mohawk Race 10

1-Fixed Idea (5/2)-Raced well in last 3 starts and seems to like an off-track. But form has been good, fits well and Hudon has choices from the rail. Looks like a player in a tough race.
5-Cheapskate Hanover (5-1)-Back in Auciello barn after racing well on an off-track. Claimed back for $5k more than previous claim price. Will need a top effort but this guy likes to win, at Wbsb (8-18) and was (11-17) overall in 2019.
7-Foot Soldier (12-1)-Swinging for a price, won in the slop with a .56 back half. Did take the short way around but likes the track. Makes 3rd start off the bench, Filion could work a good trip and could be even better tonight.
8-American Virgin (8-1)-Came home swiftly off a slow pace on a sloppy track. Roy is between the pipes and he knows well. Has some gate speed and should be forwardly placed and could handle this crew at a nice price.

Leg 2-Meadowlands Race 10

4-I Am Cowboy (7/2)-Makes 3rd local start, Dunn sticks and he was aggressive in last start. Was used hard off the wings to a 54.3 opening half and faded late. Looking for a smoother journey with post relief.
5-Justin Credible (9/2)-Looked better on a fast track last week, now Callahan takes a seat. Could be in-line for a nice trip to snag an overdue win.
8-Mayfield Duke (3-1)-Gets some post relief and now Gingras is between the pipes. Might leave and get a good seat. Flew home in last and if in better striking range with an honest pace it could be picture time.

Leg 3-Mohawk Race 11

1-Classic Pro (3-1)-Will lean to McClure's choice over the redhot Julerica. This guy has some back class, barn has been hot and may relish a fast track.
6-Royal Renegade (5-1)-Drops and 3 of last 4 have been on an off-track. Needs a trip and Team Cullen should have him ready to roll down the lane.
7-Lisburn (4-1)-Likes to leave and race near the top of the stack. Not sure that strategy will play out. But Roy could work a trip and get sucked around. Winner of 8 out of 17 at Wbsb should be in the hunt.

Leg 4-Meadowlands Race 11

4-Santafe's Coach (7/2)-Drops to a good spot and in last start was used to a brisk 1st half. Can roll late but will need to be forwardly placed and in striking range at the top of the lane.
5-Hoo Nien A (5-1)-Smith knows well and he's back. Like others will need the right trip but figures to be in the mix at a square price.
9-Incredibel Shark (3-1)-Callahan takes a spin and drops to the level of last win. Could leave and get on the engine or a 2-hole trip behind #5. Looks like a spot to shine.

My Ticket

Race 10 Mohawk) 1,5,7,8

Race 10 Meadowlands) 4,5,8

Race 11 Mohawk) 1,6,7

Race 11 Meadowlands) 4,5,9

Total Ticket Cost) $21.60 for 0.20

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