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Saturday, March 14: Hawthorne Racecourse Late Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

March 14, 2020

Hawthorne Racecourse has a 9-race card set to roll with the Late 0.50 Pick 4 starting in Race 6. The sequence has a $10,000 guaranteed pool and it will be my focus.

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track.

Race 6

1-Spunky Bottom Girl (9/2)-Comes off an easy win versus NW1500 and takes a few steps up. Winner of >$52k in 2019 knows how to win and is in a spot to trip out. Likes to race close to the top of the stack and Oosting can put in play.
5-Pine Dream (2-1)-Drops out of Open company in 3rd local start. Has had trouble finishing miles but this is a soft spot. Using but can't completely trust so looking to others as well that could help the Pick 4 payout.
6-Double A Cash Hall (5-1)-9-year-old drops to a better level but will need an improved effort in 4th Haw start. Todd Warren's choice and he takes a spin for the 1st time which shouldn't hurt chances.
8-Pepin Coolie (9-1)-7-year-old makes 2nd start of sophomore season and steps up after a 3rd place finish. Can makes some noise versus this field if Leonard works the right trip.

Race 7

1-Dirt E Rock (8/5)-Has won from the rail and the 9-hole in first 2-lifetime starts and looks a notch above the others tonight.

Race 8

1-Lakeside Buddy (9-1)-Oosting's choice over #3 was a sick scratch last week. Looks to be worth a swing at 9-1 and can be put in play from the rail. Using and hoping the price is at least the morning line odds.
6-Fast Track (9-1)-Makes 2nd start on Lasix and comes off an improved effort last week. Upswing could continue at a juicy price.
8-Toxic Rock (7/2)-Leaves once again from the 8-hole in search of 3rd straight picture. Game 4-year-old rolled off cover and smoked the 2nd half in .56. Should be in the mix but has missed a start.

Race 9

1-Blissful Pansy (20-1)-Only 1-27 past 2 years but has won 8 of 42 at Haw. Had an even effort in 1st start off the bench but did race the last half in .57 and Bates chooses over the #7.
2-Danger Strike (7/2)-Didn't have much pop in 1st local start but was off 13-days. Fits here and looking for better after a start at the track.
3-Tarport Belle (7-1)-Ridge Warren's choice over #8 has beaten better at this meet. Could be put in play early versus this kind and should be in the mix at a fair price.
5-Windsun Brooklyn (9/5)-Team Leonard entry had a nice try in 1st local start and now steps up a notch. Looks like a player but not a standout 9/5 choice.

My Ticket

Race 6) 1,5,6,8

Race 7) 1

Race 8) 1,6,8

Race 9) 1,2,3,5

Total Ticket Cost) $24 for $0.50

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