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Familiarize Yourself with Fonner, Will Rogers

by Jeremy Plonk

April 6, 2020

With a few tracks in the weekday mix that you might not normally play, the wealth of information in the Betmix database can come in handy. Whether you’re crunching the stats yourself or using the 1/ST BET App and the data-driven information, closing the gap between uninformed and informed is a key to handicapping success in this ever evolving schedule. Let’s take a look at a few pointers uncovered.

Betting Fonner Park

Favorites win overall at 40% at Fonner Park in 2020, and have been strongest in the 4-furlong dash races at 44%. By classification at all distances, you can see quite a spread in public trust. The higher-quality races absolutely have been more ‘to form.’

Maiden Claiming: 15%
Maiden Special Weight: 48%
Claiming: 36%
Allowance: 54%
Stakes: 50%

Notable among favorites, trainers Kelli Martinez (10-16, 63%), David Anderson (5-8, 63%) and Marissa Black (5-7, 71%) have been outstanding with the chalk. Leading jockey Armando Martinez has a remarkable 29: 17-5-3 record aboard favorites (59% wins, 76% in exacta).

A couple of sires with local success this year worth following include Loveofthegame (offspring 10: 4-2-0) and Top Hit (offspring 5: 4-0-0).

Betting Will Rogers Downs

Favorites win overall at 36% at Will Rogers Downs in 2020, and have been strongest in 5-1/2 furlong sprints at 41%. As with Fonner Park, we’ll take a look at the favorites’ trustworthiness by class.

Maiden Claiming: 21%
Maiden Special Weight: 67%
Claiming: 39%
Allowance: 25%
Stakes: N/A

Notable among favorites, trainers Scott Young (5-12, 42%), Andy Gladd (3-3, 100%) and Kari Craddock (3-6, 50%) have enjoyed the most success. Jockey Kevin Roman (8: 5-2-0, 63%) has been nearly flawless on the favorites.

A sire worth mentioning is Notional, who leads all at the meet with 5 winners. He’s hitting at 22% locally and his runners show a small, flat-bet profit. His 5 winners have come with 5 different offspring, and 3 of those were trained by Scott Young.