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Betting Today's $447K Pick 5 Carryover with 1/ST BET Assistance

by Jeremy Plonk

July 6, 2020

Assiniboia Downs, really? Yes really. Monday night’s card in Winnipeg features a $447,000-plus carryover in the jackpot pick five with a mandatory payout. Anytime the players have an advantage with significant ‘dead money’ in the pool, it’s worth your study and potential play. But do you dive into waters you’ve never before swam? Usually not, unless there’s this much incentive.

Thanks to the 1/ST BET App artificial intelligence handicapping and the BETMIX data that powers it, we can come up to speed in familiarizing ourselves with top contenders even at tracks we have not followed. It’s the quickest way to gain some measure of handicapping confidence.

Favorites have won 47% of the races overall this season at Assiniboia Downs. That’s how the 20-cent minimum Jackpot Pick 5 has carried over 18 days, not because of crazy results, but because of logical results that lessen the chance of a single-ticket winner taking the pool. You don’t need to be solo Monday night, just correct on all 5 races. And if things remain logical, you’ll be best-served with a focused ticket that you can play multiple times at the 20-cent minimum vs. spreading thin and just hoping for prices.

Post time in western Canada for Race 3, which kicks off the sequence, will be 9:35PM ET. Let’s take a look at the Pick 5 races with a handicapper’s eye and the help of the 1/ST BET app’s artificial intelligence selections.

Race 3 (9:35PM ET) 

Jeremy’s Tip: #6 Delvecchio and #7 Marselan appear playable favorites as chalk reigns 63% this meet in allowance races. Meanwhile, jockey Stanley Chadee wins 22% in 6-furlong races at the meet, while hitting just 14% overall. This has been his specialty and he rides visually impressive debut winner #4 Honour Rules.

1/ST BET AI Picks
#7 Marselan (29%W, 45%P, 62%S) *Biggest 1/ST BET AI spread on the card, 13 points*
#6 Delvecchio (16%W, 34%P, 51%S)
#4 Honour Rules (13%W, 26%P, 38%S)

Race 4 (10:05PM ET)

Jeremy’s Tip: #2 Witt’s Short Stop was beaten favorite last time out at this level going longer, and note leading trainer Jerry Gourneau is 4-for-4 at the meet with his beaten favorites in their return. This barn is 7-for-16 at the meet teamed with jockey Antonio Whitehall. If adding to the ticket, give a longshot consideration to #7 Governador (12-1 ML) as trainer Shelley Brown’s maiden claimers at the meet are 4-for-4 in the exacta. Horses last raced at Woodbine are 12: 0-1-2 at the meet as #8 Big Rocket Man attempts.

1/ST BET AI Picks
#2 Witt’s Short Stop (26%W, 46%P, 59%S)
#8 Big Rocket Man (20%W, 38%P, 50%S)
#4 Soul Obsession (12%W, 23%P, 33%S)

Race 5 (10:35PM ET)

Jeremy’s Tip: #8 Gold Diggin Darlin (6-5 ML) may be a stout favorite to topple. Horses dropping from allowance to claiming races at this meet are 6: 3-0-2. Note that maiden claiming winners at the meet are 6: 1-0-0 when returning to face winners like a couple of contenders here attempt.

1/ST BET AI Picks
#7 Mommy Witt (21%W, 35%P, 44%S)
#8 Gold Diggin Darlin (19%W, 40%P, 55%S)
#4 Super Witt (17%W, 30%P, 44%S)

Race 6 (11:05PM ET)

Jeremy’s Tip: Recent claims at the meet have run back with much success, going 13: 4-1-3 and showing a whopping $2.38 ROI for every $1 bet. Consider #4 Maddy’s Pro (7-2 ML) and #8 Talkin’ Bull (5-1) for their new connections. Jockey Antonio Whitehall hits 31% at the meet in 5-1/2 furlong races and takes over longshot #5 Mark Ye Well (12-1 ML).

1/ST BET AI Picks
#3 Fungo (27%W, 47%P, 62%S)
#9 Greeleys Spirit (18%W, 33%P, 48%S)
#4 Maddy’s Pro (15%W, 29%P, 43%S)

Race 7 (11:35PM ET) 

Jeremy’s Tip: Some of the same Race 6 angles apply with fresh claim #5 Her Name is Um (15-1 ML) and jockey Whitehall aboard #7 Witts Data Link (7-2 ML). Favorites are 6: 4-1-1 at the meet in fields of 10 or more, so don’t assume just with the field size that this has to be your spread race. You may get more value beating a favorite somewhere else in the sequence as people spread defensively in this race.

1/ST BET AI Picks
#5 Her Name Is Um (26%W, 45%P, 59%S)
#3 Speedy Miss (16%W, 31%P, 45%S)
#6 Sheena (12%W, 28%P, 40%S)