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Monday, July 13: Woodbine Mohawk Park Late Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

July 13, 2020

Woodbine Mohawk Park has 10-races scheduled for Monday evening. It's a competitive card and my focus will be on the 0.20 Late Pick 4 sequence which begins in Race 7.

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track.

Race 7

2-Siddhartha (9/2)-Took advantage of a quick pace and drew off with a .55 back half to snag a win and was bet down to 3/2. Meets a new crew tonight but Shepherd may work a similar trip, so best to respect.
3-Day Delight (8-1)-This colt has been tough to figure this year. Roy can work a nice trip from this post but will need to finish off the mile. Starts inside of the two program chalks and is worth a swing at a nice price.
6-Night Watchman (5/2)-Had a rough journey from a bad post versus Gold competition and now drops to a spot to start another winning streak. Program chalk is a threat but needs a smooth trip and to mind manners.
7-Sundown Kid (7/2)-Filion takes a seat on McIntosh trainee as Henry opts to #6. Raced the back half in 55.2 but couldn't catch the winner. Fits better versus this group and maybe Filion can find a little more down the lane.

Race 8

1-Salome (7/2)-Qualified at Phl in 201.4 all on her own. Kadabra filly was in the Nifty Norman barn and appears to have some ability. Could be over bet but best to respect.
4-Mag N Lady (6-1)-Qualified on 7/3 and raced the back half in 58.1 and Roy is aboard again. May race closer to the lead and pick off some gals down the lane.
8-Stonebridge Strong (8-1)-Qualified back on 6/19 and that is a concern but will assume ready. If they go to the half in a minute or so, this filly could be flying late. Did have the fastest 2nd half and last quarter of anyone in the field.

Race 9

1-Cliffhanger (7/2)-Should like the company, and there is not much gate speed in this race. Sometimes when that's the case many leave but it's doubtful the opening half goes in 54.3 this time. McNair can control things and steal a quarter.
8-Icy Blue Scooter (9/2)-Was better in last when dropped to this level but is 0-6 this year. The race will be in front of JMac and 7-year-old could win if the pace is lively and the steer is top notch.

Race 10

2-HP Bruxelless (7/2)-Filion wanted the lead in last and used up some gas to get it before being dispatched by #9. My guess is this time a pocket trip could fall into place which leads to a brush down the lane to roll by.
6-Lovedbythemasses (10-1)-Looking for better tonight than last at GeoD. Has hit the board in all 7 starts at Wbsb with 5 wins. Saftic has some options from this post and can come off cover at a square price.
9- Villefranche As (3-1)-Winner of 2 straight has gotten the top and wasn't threatened when leaving from post 5 & 6. With a smooth trip it could be picture time again and some may single. Will respect, but from the 9-hole will use others.

My Ticket

Race 7) 2,3,6,7

Race 8) 1,4,8

Race 9) 1,8

Race 10) 2,6,9

Total Ticket Cost) $14.40 for $0.20

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