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Jeff Siegel's Black Book Xpress

by Jeff Siegel

July 15, 2020

Jeff Siegel goes treasure hunting at various North American tracks to uncover excellent future wagering opportunities in the Black Book Xpress. Updated every week, the list below includes horses that should be included in your stable mail so that you'll be aware where and when they reappear in the entries. The horses will remain listed for a minimum of 90 days, or until they run back for the first time since being featured.


Current “live” list (listed in alphabetical order):

Alice Marble (6/12/20, 4th race, Santa Anita): View Video

Blakeford (6/12/20, 5th race, Golden Gate Fields): View Video

Bowies Hero (6/21//20, 10th race, Santa Anita): View Video

Happy Saver (6/20/20, 5th race, Belmont Park): View Video

Mystic Guide (6/4/20, 8th race, Belmont Park): View Video

Rio Ocho [Ire] (5/30/20, 9th race, Santa Anita): View Video

Shirls’s Speight (7/4/20, 10th, Woodbine): View Video

Simply (6/20/20, 12th race, Belmont Park): View Video