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Friday, July 24: Hawthorne Racecourse Late Pick 4 Analysis

by Al Cimaglia

July 24, 2020

Hawthorne Racecourse has 13-races set to roll tonight and the 0.50 Late Pick 4 starts in Race 10. The sequence has a $10,000 guaranteed pool with a 15% takeout and it will be my focus.

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track.

Race 10

2-OK Galahad (2-1)-Makes 3rd start for Petrelli barn and raced better versus $6k claimers in last and now drops. Leonard steers again, will have options from this post and is a major threat.
6-Major Jesse (15-1)-Only 3 for the last 55 and 1-23 in Stickney. Will put on the ticket with the driver change to Seekman and the drop. Could catch the speed if within striking range and the pace is honest.

Race 11

7-Crankin' It Up (8-1)-Took the scenic route in needed race for new barn. Makes 2nd start since 10/12 and will look for better. Hasn't won at Haw but did show good speed at the Mea last year. 10-year-old could be a threat if ready for a big try.
8-Sheriff Coffey (12-1)-Comes off a tough trip and is in a better spot versus this field. Should offer a big price and could leave for a good seat and stay in the hunt.
9-Fox Valley Triton (2-1)-Winner of >$107k in '19 seems an obvious choice. Drops into a soft spot and many will likely single as Leonard takes the lines. Winless in '20 and hasn't finished miles, needs more especially from post 9.

Race 12

1-Terror Of The Nite (5/2)-May have found a spot to capture 2nd win of the year. Smolin takes a seat and from the rail he should keep the 9-year-old in play.
6-Annihilator (7/2)-Warren chooses over #2 who he won with last week. Makes 4th local start and should like the company. Using and drops to a spot to shine.

Race 13

3-Bettor's Promise (9/2)-Gets post relief and this field doesn't have a real standout. Leonard sticks and will look for a strong try with this post draw.
4-Ricky Bobbie (20-1)-Wasn't Leonard's choice but best to not let the program odds scare you away. Bell needs to provide a good steer and can compete if put in play early on.
5-Dash Of Danger (7/2)-Was bet down to 4/5 versus NW $1500, had a dull effort and now bumps up. This is a tough race and will include but doesn't offer any value at the program odds. Ridge Warren takes the lines on Husted trainee.
6-Shark Play (3-1) -Sometimes HoP speed doesn't hold true on the Haw oval, but if so this 4-year-old is a player. Should like the company and has posted a 150.3 race time in Indiana this year.

My Ticket

Race 10) 2,6

Race 11) 7,8,9

Race 12) 1,6

Race 13) 3,4,5,6

Total Ticket Cost) $24 for $0.50

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