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Time for Some ‘Fun in the Sun’

by Johnny D

July 29, 2020

During this unusual summer, you’ve probably been searching for a way to make Saratoga and Del Mar Saturdays more enjoyable. Well, short of allowing patrons back into two of our favorite tracks, Xpressbet may have found just what you’re looking for. It’s the return of a revised Fun in the Sun handicapping tournament that’s offered each Saturday in August.

Here’s how the 2020 version works: Saturdays in August, register for Fun in the Sun for a $25 entry fee and make a $10 win wager on one horse in the last 5 races at Saratoga and in the first 5 races at Del Mar ($100 in bets, $125 total with entry fee). Remember, those are ‘live’ wagers, so you keep what you win. That means you can make money playing Fun in the Sun even if you don’t qualify for a prize.

Seventy percent of weekly entry fees is returned to players in weekly prizes and 30% is applied to a new ‘Final Table’ prize structure. The top 2 players each week earn 60% and 25% of the weekly pot, respectively, and qualify for seats at a restricted September 7 ‘Final Table’—5 Saturdays, 2 qualifiers per week, 10 ‘Final Table’ seats. Weekly third-place finishers earn 15%.

Additionally, Xpressbet will add $10,000 to the ‘Final Table’ kitty and award eligible players $100 for tournament wagering. Final table prize structure is: 70% to first; 20% to second and 10% to third.

Based on 200 weekly players, top three finishers each Saturday will earn $2,100; $875 and $525, respectively. ‘Final Table’ top 3 finishers will collect $12,250; $3,500 and $1,750, respectively. And that’s not including the ‘live’ cash players accumulate while wagering on races at the Spa and Where the Turf Meets the Surf!

You know you’re going to wager on the races at those two summer hot spots. Why not take a shot at winning addition cash in the process? It’s all about having some Fun in the Sun. Let’s face it, after the first seven months of 2020, we’ve earned it.