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Fun in the Sun: Open the Door to Opportunity

by Johnny D

August 25, 2020

You know the old adage about opportunity only knocking once? It’s not true. With Xpressbet’s Fun in the Sun handicapping tournament, opportunity has been banging so often this month that his knuckles are raw. Listen! Hear that? He’s at it again: Opportunity knocks for the final time this summer season Saturday. Play FitS to grab the remaining two out of 10 total seats at the Final Table, which will be held Monday, Sept. 7 on Labor Day.

Last Saturday, Richard Powers posted a powerful $246 mutuel total based on $10 wagers on the last five Saratoga races and the first five at Del Mar. He earned $3,486 and a Final Table seat. Howard Bolte checked in second with $193.50 in earnings, good for a nifty $1,452.50 prize and an invitation to ‘pull up a chair’ at the main event. William Cox and George Ekaitis dead-heated for third with $182.50 in earnings and each pocketed an additional $435.75.

Play Fun in the Sun this Saturday. There’s a $25 registration fee--all money is returned to players in the form of prizes—and players must make a $10 win wager on one horse in each of 10 competition races—usually the last five Spa and first five Del Mar events.

Open the door and let opportunity in. Two seats remain and one of them could be yours; but only if you play. The Final Table pot, boosted by $10k from Xpressbet, already is nearly $21,000 and that ain’t hay.

See you Saturday!

2020 Fun in the Sun Final Table Qualifiers

Week 5: to be determined Saturday, Aug. 29
Week 4: Richard Powers ($246), Howard Bolte ($193.50)
Week 3: Anthony Decaspers ($360), Mathew McAleer ($347)
Week 2: Kevin Lynn ($300), Robert Rosen ($275)
Week 1: Phillip Gordon ($299), Aner Carlstrom ($292)