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Sunday, February 07: Pompano Park Pick 4 Analysis-$20,000 Guaranteed Pool

by Al Cimaglia

February 7, 2021

Pompano Park has a Super Bowl Sunday card and they are the only track in North America racing tonight. The 0.50 Pick 4 begins in Race 6. The sequence has a $20,000 guaranteed pool with a 12% takeout, and it will be my focus.

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track.

Race 6

2-Overnight Shipper (10-1)-Needs to be 1st or 2nd turning for the wire and doesn't always get the best steer. That said can surprise and has the gate speed to get the top. This is a race where everyone bumps up to a class they haven't won at.
5-Chav Hanover (3-1)-Barn has been ice cold but will look for an aggressive steer by Simons. Could leave to take control and not look back.
6-Beguin Degoutier F (4-1)-Nine-time winner in 2020 gets a new pilot tonight. Wallis takes a spin, that's a ++ driver change and should be a main player.
7-Chestnut Schofield (6-1)-Plano purchased in November at the Mixed Sale and has won 2 of 3 starts since then. Continues to step up and might be up to this challenge at a nice price. Best to respect as has shown improvement in new barn.

Race 7

3-Held In Balance (4-1)-Form has been dull in last 2 starts but before that cashed checks versus better. Coming right back after racing Wednesday and is in a spot to trip out. Did win on 11/15 after racing 5 days before.
6-Uva Hanover (2-1)-Program chalk hasn't won in the last 13 starts and is 0-5 at CalX but still needs to be considered here. Kept coming in last to just miss and that was the best effort of the meet.
7-Muscles Aplenty (9/2)-Four-year-old mare might be the best horse in this race. Starting outside doesn't help but Dinges can work a trip to win at a square price.

Race 8

4-Burn Notice (4-1)-Comes off back-to-back 2nd place finishes and is sharp enough to take a picture versus this crew. Has hit the board in 10 of 17 starts at PPk with 5 wins.
6-Judge Ken (9-1)-Will toss last from the 2nd tier versus better. Previous efforts netted 2 wins and appears to fit here. Plano knows well and my guess is he will leave. Could land on tap without using much gas and not look back at a nice price.
7-Susie's Sister (7/5)-Program chalk does like to win and has taken 4 pictures in 8 starts here. Using but doesn't offer any value at the morning line price and does break from time to time. Wallis steers for the 1st time and doesn't have much gate speed. May have to pass them all but the short field does help chances.

Race 9

2-Gunrneedabgrboat A (9/2)-Hasn't connected for a picture at PPk (0-7) but has been facing better than this bunch. Can leave to be 1st or 2nd the first time under the wire. Best to respect, should offer a fair price and can take top honors with a smooth trip.
3-King Corona (5/2)-Wallis takes the lines and that should help. Drops to a spot to shine and can be put in play early at this class. Could be on the engine or making the most of a pocket trip behind #2.

My Ticket

Race 6) 2,5,6,7

Race 7) 3,6,7

Race 8) 4,6,7

Race 9) 2,3

Total Ticket Cost) $36 for $0.50

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