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Monday, March 01: Pompano Park Pick 4 Analysis-$20,000 Guaranteed Pool

by Al Cimaglia

March 1, 2021

There is a Monday night 10-race card ready to roll at Pompano Park with the 0.50 Pick 4 starting in Race 6. The sequence has a $20,000 guaranteed pool with a 12% takeout, and it will be my focus.

On Sunday night, Dave Miller led the drivers with three wins. Jake Huff was the top conditioner on the card with three pictures.

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track.

Race 6

2-Johnny Chip (4-1)-Miller's choice over the 6/7 can stay in the hunt and get sucked around like last week. Only 2 for the last 22 and has just 1 win in 9 Pomp starts but comes off an improved effort and the upswing could continue.
3-Warr-N-Munn (4-1)-Was bet hard and then used hard to get the top in last and was empty down the lane. Will respect chances in a field without a standout.
5-Perkins (9/2)-Drops after being in too tough and the question is whether this is still not the right level for a picture. That case could be made. But Hennessey is in the bike tonight and if he gets the top and then walks, this 5-year-old can out sprint them home.

Race 7

3-Eastender (12-1)-Drops, and this 10-year-old can dial it up at this level. Plano could get a cozy trip right behind the odds-on favorite and take a big shot down the lane.
4-Manceiver (4/5)-Got the top, went to the half in 54.4 and was in control to the wire. Steps up and not sure it will be that easy tonight. But is Miller's choice over #1 and may have more to offer.

Race 8

4-American Arrow (8/5)-Drops to a spot to shine and finally draws well. There is also a positive driver change as Hennessey is back in the bike. That's the good news but is 0-8 this year, 0-9 at the Pomp and will probably be bet down.
7-Swinging Jenny (7-1)-This is a race that may yield a price and this is the level for Jenny to have a chance at a picture. Will need a good drive and that can be an issue but may leave as there is not much gate speed inside.
9-Charms Little Sis (9/2)-Beat the $10k claimer at the Meadows in December and held his own at that level here in January.
Now drops to a soft spot and could compete verus this crew with a decent trip if close to 100%.

Race 9

5-Unlikeanyother (7/2)-Makes 2nd start for the Mungillo barn and has a post edge over main foes. Looking for a return to previous form and an aggressive steer.
6-Southwind Amazon (5/2)-Eleven-year-old doesn't dial it on high as often these days but can take its 2nd picture this year with his best shot. Miller is back and he was at the controls for previous win this year in a snappy 149.3.
7-Prairie Panther (9/5)-Should be right there at the wire but not sure what to make of the last outing going off-stride down the lane. Hennessey sticks, tries Lasix for the 4th time and will respect chances to snag first win since 12-27.

My Ticket

Race 6) 2,3,5

Race 7) 3,4

Race 8) 4,7,9

Race 9) 5,6,7

Total Ticket Cost) = $27 for $0.50 

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