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Sunday March 21: Cal Expo Pick 4 Analysis-$25,000 Guaranteed Pool

by Al Cimaglia

March 21, 2021

Cal Expo concludes the weekend with a 13-race card. The 0.20 Pick 4 starts in Race 10 and it has a $25,000 guaranteed pool. The sequence has a 16% takeout, and it will be my focus.

On Saturday, Lemoyne Svendsen and Luke Plano led the drivers with three wins. Jesse Pacheco was the leading conditioner with two trips to the winner's circle.

Comments and selections below are based on a fast track.

Race 10

2-Cantholdmebackmack (12-1)-Takes a good drop, starting inside should help and gets a ++ driver change. Roland can put in play from the start and race near the top. Should offer a good price and there isn't anyone in here that's an obvious choice.
3-Waitin Ona River (6-1)-Paced the last half in 56.1 and now takes a drop, so off the last try it makes sense to use. Has hit the board in 5 of 11 starts and if is cycling into form it could be picture time. The issue here and with others is consistency.
6-Intrigued Again (5-1)-Often fades down the lane and is only 2 for the last 20. But was used hard for the lead in the last start which isn't the usual game plan. Hung in pretty well and might be sitting on a big try.
8-In For the Chase (8-1)-Drops and is a better fit versus this crew. Recent form has been good. Likes to rally down the lane and might be overlooked with this post draw.

Race 11

1-Noisy Nora (5/2)-Found the going too tough in last and now drops to a better spot but Nora is very camera shy. Has 2 wins in the last 45 starts and has one win at CalX in 36 tries. Regardless this is your program chalk and should be in the hunt.
3-Little Emma (5-1)-This mare likes to follow but was Plano's choice over the 1-4-7. Will respect chances for a picture in a field full of horses who don't like to win. The #6 has won 2 straight and will look to play against this week.
4-Big Chute (3-1)-This 7-year-old does come off a win at the basement class and did pace the back half in .57. Roland should be able to find some cover and an encore isn't out of the question.

Race 12

1-Mr Varsity (8/5)-One of 2 Plano pupils and Roland will be between the pipes. This guy comes off a nice effort after a sick scratch. Doesn't offer any value at the morning line price but is a threat if recent form holds true.
2-Fly Away (5-1)-Cutting won with this 12-year-old on 2-20 at this class. A similar script could be followed here and might get a pocket trip and brush by down the lane.

Race 13

1-Marvtherat (7/2)-Hasn't been in this soft in quite a while. Kerwood could get sucked around from the rail and trip out for a picture.
4-Marc Mellow Man (9/5)-Has beaten slightly better than this one time since 12-4, so maybe that makes Mellow the morning line chalk. This is the basement and could be a wake-up call that leads to an overdue win.
6-Fear Factor (6-1)-Wasn't Plano's choice as he opted for #4 but looks to be worth a swing at this price. Fits with this group
and Cutting could sweep by off cover.

My Ticket

Race 10) 2,3,6,8

Race 11) 1,3,4

Race 12) 1,2

Race 13) 1,4,6

Total Ticket Cost) $14.40

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